$49.95 M100C Infrared to Centronic 36B(36 pins) Parallel Printer Adapter M100C

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M100C Infrared to Centronic 36B(36 pins) Parallel Printer Adapter

Short Description
M100C Infrared to Centronic 36B(36 pins) Parallel Printer Adapter
Sku: M100C
Color: BLACK
Size: 3ft.Cable
Weight: 1
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Price: $ 49.95

Windows 2000 Windows 98SE Windows ME Windows NT Windows XP
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Product Description

    M100C Infrared to Centronic 36B(36 pins) Parallel Printer Adapter

    IR 100M IrDA Printer Adaptor The ACT-IR100M gives the user IR wireless printing from mobile computers and PDAs. You can also print directly from desktop PC or LAN by connecting the printer cable to the ACT-IR 100M. It is compatible with IrDA-1.0 at communication speeds programmable at 9.6, 19.2, 57.6, 115.2K bps and a distance of 100cm and beyond. It is well suited for all IR wireless printing applications. It works well with any parallel printers. You can print wirelessly from any IrDA-capable notebook PC, smart cellular phone, PDA, HPC and industrial data terminal, running appropriate IrDA application software. It has built-in printer pass-through connector and very compact IrDA protocol. Powered by AC adapter (included). It automatically switches between IR wireless or cable-based printing. Indicator light flashes at IR transmission speed and indicates printing status. IR head can be easily attached to any convenient desktop location using Velcro. SUB-CARRIER/IR INTERFACE: Compatible with IrDA-1.0 at speeds of 9.6K, 19.2K, 57.6K, 115.2K bps. BUILT-IN SOFTWARE: IrDA protocol software necessary for secondary station communication. Printer flow control. COMMUNICATION DISTANCE: Between 0cm and beyond 100cm. CONNECTORS: Built in printer share switch with two CEN36 connectors in a pass through module. Connects PC to printer with standard printer cable, and with the addition of an IR wireless printing path. POWER SOURCE AND CONSUMPTION: AC adapter (ACT3-128) included. 0.3 W (Peak) DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT (excluding AC adapter and IR cable/head assembly): 4.0"L x 2.1"W x 0.9"H 102mm x 54mm x 23mm 6.8 oz. (184.4gr.) Compatible with the following IrDA capable devices: Notebook: Software: Handheld PC/PDA: All IrDA notebook PC running appropriate IrDA application software. Windows 95-IR driver 2.0 Windows 98, Office 2000 Windows CE 2.0 Puma-Tranxit Pro. Palm Pilot III, V & VII Sharp Zaurus, Power Zaurus. Psion 3C/Series 5 All Windows CE 2.0-H/PC Norand, LXE, etc. Cell phone: Known Compatible Printer: Known Incompatible Printer: Nokia 9000, 9000i Alcatel Sharp PMC HP DeskJet 5xx Series HP LaserJet 4L, 5L, 5P, 6MP Xerox Work Center Series 450CP Brother All-In-One Series HP 340 HP All-In-One 6xx, 7xx, 1100, 2200

in_stockTech Notes

    Item Will Work With Most Printers that support DOS , Will Not Work With Multi Function Devices(Printer/Scanner/Fax/Copier Combo Units)

M100C Infrared to Centronic 36B(36 pins) Parallel Printer Adapter
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