$29.96 7-Port Multi-TT USB 2.0 Powered Slim Hub for PC Win XP/2000 and Vista USBG-217C

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7-Port Multi-TT USB 2.0 Powered Slim Hub for PC Win XP/2000 and Vista

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7-Port Multi-TT USB 2.0 Powered Slim Hub for PC Win XP/2000 and Vista
Sku: USBG-217C
Color: Black
Weight: 1
Warranty: ONE YEAR
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Price: $ 29.96

Linux OSX 9 Windows 2000 Windows 98SE Windows ME Windows Vista Windows XP
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Product Description

    7-Port Multi-TT USB 2.0 Powered Slim Hub for PC Win XP/2000 and Vista

    USB 2.0 7 PORT HUB W/AC ADAPTER MULTI TT CHIP 1. Supports Plug & Play and Hot-Swap. 2. Compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Ver 2.0 (Data Rate 480 Mbps) and Ver 1.1 (Data Rate 1.5/12Mbps). 3.7 external auto speed selectable USB Type A downstream ports. 4. Connects up to a maximum of 127 USB devices through cascading multiple hubs. 5. Windows 98 or higher, Mac OS compatible. Specifications: USB Device Port: 7 Power LED: 1 x Red Upstream: 1 x USB Type Mini B (F) Downstream: 7 x USB Type A (F) Power Adapter: 1 x DC Jack (For Self Power) Operating System: Windows, MAC Power Mode: Bus / Self Power Operation Voltage: DC 5V/ 0.1A Operating: 0 C ~ 60 C Storage Temperature: -20 C ~ 60 C AC Adapter: DC 5V/ 2.6A Package Contains: 1x USB Hub, 1 x USB Cable, power adapter. ************ MORE INFO ON THE CHIP INSIDE THIS USB HUB *************** USB Hub Product?Hub Controller?GL852 GL852 Summarize GL852 is Genesys Logics brand new Hub solutions which fully comply with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0. This series includes GL852. GL852 embeds an 8-bit RISC processor to manipulate the control/status registers and respond to the requests from USB host. Firmware of GL852 will control its general purpose I/O (GPIO) to access the external EEPROM and then respond to the host the customized PID and VID configured in the external EEPROM. Default settings in the internal mask ROM is responded to the host without having external EEROM. GL852 is designed for customers with much flexibility. The more complicated settings such as PID, VID, and number of downstream ports settings are easily achieved by programming the external EEPROM (Ref. to Chapter 5). Each downstream port of GL852 supports two-color (green/amber) status LEDs to indicate normal/abnormal status. Both GL852 and GL852 also support both Individual and Gang modes (4 ports as a group) for power management. (Due to the pin-out limitation, the GL852 only supports green LEDs. Please refer the table in the end of this chapter for more detail). To fully meet the performance requirement, GL852 series is a multiple TT hub solution to provide every down stream port with a TT. With the dedicated TT in each down stream port, GL852 can provide the best performance even connect with several Full/Low-Speed devices and running heavy bandwidth-consuming operations concurrently. *TT (transaction translator) is the main traffic control engine in an USB 2.0 hub to handle the unbalanced traffic speed between the upstream port and the downstream ports.

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    GL 852 CHIP usb.org TID Certified Powered 4-port Mini usb hub device using GL chip

7-Port Multi-TT USB 2.0 Powered Slim Hub for PC Win XP/2000 and Vista
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